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FREE Andrea rosin comes with every bow adding value to your purchase. A full cake of Andrea rosin sells for $33, the half cake for $22.



Excellent carbon fiber bows from the leader in carbon fiber bow technology. CodaBows are beautiful & functional, appealing to a wide range of needs and skills. Great for gig work, teaching, backup bow, & advancing students.


The Arcos Brasil group of fine bow makers all produce beautful handmade Pernambuco bows in the Pernambuco region of Brazil. We hand-select each bow to give you the best of the best, including nickel-mounted, silver-mounted, gold-mounted, horn frog versions, special edition bows, and replica bows. An excellent value in the world of fine bows.


We only sell the Original Arcus bows made in Austria. These are extremely light bows, and therefore very manueverable. They offer a rich core sound out of the instrument. They will feel very different from your old bow, and require adjusting to a whole new paradigm in the world of bows. They are not cheap, but those who like them, love them.


iStrings is the sole importer of M. Pereira bows. His Pernambuco bows are exquisite, trimmed only in gold or silver.


Revelle carbon fiber intermediate level bows include the Phoenix and Falcon models, and the hybrid CF/Pernambuco Woody model. Another option in the expanding world of carbon fiber instrument bows.



I would be pleased to personally assist you to find the perfect bow for your instrument, sensibilities, and budget. -Reed Raphael Bernstein

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